Chislehurst Commons is a charity managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees in accordance with the Chislehurst and St Paul’s Cray Commons Supplemental Act,1888.

There are up to 16 Trustees, formerly known as Conservators, at least four of whom must be landowners or occupants of properties facing the Common.

The current Trustees are:

  • Joanna Friel
  • Sarah Harris
  • John Hayhow (Chairman)
  • Brian Knights
  • Ian Leonard
  • Patrick Phillips
  • Alan Porter
  • Christine Wearn
  • Robert West (Treasurer)
  • Mary Wheeler

Trustee remit

The statutory duties of Trustees fall within four main areas: maintenance, protection, regulation and conservation.

  1. Maintenance of the Commons as amenities for public recreation and enjoyment.
  2. Protection of the Commons’ boundaries and the prevention of encroachment. Homeowners with property on, or next to, the Commons are subject to bye-laws that exist to protect the Commons. Click here for guidance.
  3. Regulation of the behaviour of the public on the Commons to prevent anti-social behaviours.
  4. Conservation and enhancement of important habitats – nowadays with a special emphasis on the promotion of biodiversity.

Commons Keepers

The Trustees employ two salaried Keepers who are based at The Old Fire Station on Hawkwood Lane and work full-time on maintenance of the Commons.

The Keepers are assisted by a team of volunteers who between them give up 2,000 hours a year to help with conservation work.

September 2022 – All Change!

Peter Edwards retires after 14 years’ service as Assistant Keeper and Toby Smith takes up this position.

The photo shows Head Keeper Jonathan Harvie (left) and Assistant Keeper Toby Smith.

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