Urgent work carried out at Prickend pond

Making sure that the Commons are safe for people to use is an important aspect of the work of the Trustees and Keepers. Tree safety is a major part of this work. During this year’s  annual tree inspections it was identified that the very large Willow tree, at the edge of the pond by the High Steet, had a very large split low down on one of its main limbs (see adjacent photo). Because of the size of the split and the location of the tree, in an area where lots of children and adults go to feed the ducks, a second opinion was sought from a tree surgeon on the best course of action. As a result the tree has been cut back to reduce the risk of the split limb failing.

In addition the same inspections identified major problems with one of the Lime trees on the Green Lane side of the pond. This tree was felled at the same time as the work on the Willow tree. The tree was found to be completely hollow and at serious risk of failure in the future.

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Posted by Administrator on 4th August 2016  

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