Wetland and Ponds

There are two permanent ponds on Chislehurst Common; Prickend Pond at the top of the High Street and Rush Pond alongside Ashfield Lane. Neither is natural, both originating as pits created by gravel extraction during the 19th century. They are fed by run-off from surrounding roads, acting as giant soakaways.

Rush Pond in particular, has been prone to drying up during droughts as the water table drops and in-flow ceases. This problem has been resolved by the installation of a bore-hole financed by The Chislehurst Society.

Both ponds support a fish population of Rudd and Carp as well as a large number of waterfowl, including Mallard, Tufted Duck, Coot, Moorhen and the alien species Canada Goose.

There are two ephemeral ponds on Chislehurst Common, near Bromley Road. They are evident during winter months, but tend to dry up during the summer. They support a good range of wetland plants, including Bay Willow and Crack Willow, Purple Loosestrife, Soft-Rush and Common Sedge.

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