Prince Imperial hedge restored

The Prince Imperial monument has been restored to its former glory after Council contractors mistakenly hacked down the surrounding hedge two and a half years ago. Erected by public subscription in 1881, the monument is situated on the Common alongside Prince Imperial Road and is maintained by the Keepers. Contractors were mistakenly sent to tidy it … Read More

New plant species found on Common

A flower species not previously seen on Chislehurst Common has been discovered on a verge on Summer Hill. The Summer Snowflake (or Leucojum aestivum) is a relative of the Snowdrop but the flowers are roughly 10 times larger. Despite its size and beauty, this is a plant often overlooked and it has not previously been … Read More

War memorial granted listed status

The war memorial on Chislehurst Common has been awarded Grade II listed status, thanks to pupils at Montbelle Primary School. A group of year 6 children laid a wreath at the memorial to commemorate the occasion. The ceremony was led by Rev’d June Hurn of St Nicholas church, Chislehurst and Helen Spencer of Historic England. … Read More

Keeping up with the Keepers

Chislehurst Commons employs two full-time Keepers who between them maintain the 180 acres of land. Their role is integral to Chislehurst’s rural charm, yet locals may not be aware of the historical significance of the work they undertake. ‘Keeper of the Commons’ is a fittingly antiquated term for a role that has existed in Chislehurst … Read More

WWII ammunition found on the Common

When Keeper Peter Edwards unearthed a rusty bullet clip just off Kemnal Road, he was curious to find how old it was. He found the re-load clip, together with five empty cartridges, while clearing litter on the edge of the Common. They were rusty and dirty so it wasn’t immediately obvious whether they related to … Read More

Free guided tours of Chislehurst Commons

Chislehurst Commons offers free guided walks throughout the year, each one with a different focus. The walks are led by Head Keeper Jonathan Harvie, accompanied by some of the Trustees who voluntarily manage the commons on behalf of the community. The walks start at 2pm and last approximately 1.5hrs. No need to book, just turn … Read More

Caught on camera: pupils cheer as tree is felled

Pupils at St Nicks primary school cheered in delight as they unexpectedly witnessed the emergency felling of a tree on Chislehurst Common this week. The Horse Chestnut tree on the area of grass opposite the school had been identified as a risk by Chislehurst Commons as part of its annual tree survey. The charity, which … Read More

Residents warned against feeding bread to birds

Chislehurst Commons are reminding locals not to feed bread to the birds on the ponds because it encourages rats and risks disfigurement of the birds. The ponds are part of the 180 acres of Chislehurst Commons that are managed and maintained under charitable status by a voluntary Board of Trustees. Concerned locals have been in … Read More

Commons volunteer recounts childhood memories of Chislehurst

Don Drage is Chislehurst born and bred with an extraordinary, lifelong association with one particular road. Now in his seventies, he remains heavily involved in community life and is busier than ever. Read in his own words, Don’s memories of the home town he has never had the desire to leave.  “People tell me that … Read More

We are the common people, say Trustees

Here in Chislehurst we are surrounded by 180 acres of private land that every one of us has the historic right to make use of. Since medieval times, ‘common’ has been the term used for parts of a private estate that commoners have traditional rights over as part of the feudal system. Most of England’s … Read More