Green Flag Award

Chislehurst Commons have achieved the Green Flag Award! Our Volunteers are proud to pose with the Green Flag during their weekly work session. Thanks to Don Drage for the photograph. The Green Flag Award is the International Mark of Quality for Parks and Green Spaces. It is managed under licence from the UK Government Ministry … Read More

Oak Processionary Moth

As you may be aware from national newspapers and television, there has in recent years, been a problem with Oak Processionary Moth coming into this country and building nests in oak trees. Until now, there has been minimal experience of these nests occurring on the Commons. However this year has seen a noticeable change with … Read More

Donna Bompas

Sadly Donna died on the 30th January this year after a short illness. Through her many endeavours she was an amazing supporter of Chislehurst Commons and we offer this tribute in her memory, penned by Colin Yardley, a long standing Commons Trustee. “America’s loss is very much our gain. Donna would be a community leader … Read More

Latest tree survey completed

Every year as part of our statutory responsibilities we have to inspect trees on the Commons to ensure their safety. The tree inspection work for 2017 was completed in late November and this year concentrated on St Pauls Cray Common, most importantly St Pauls Cray Rd, but also included the high risk zones  of Bromley … Read More

The Great Storm: 30 years on

October 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the storm when hurricane-force winds felled hundreds of thousands of trees across southern England. Hundreds of mature trees on Chislehurst Commons were damaged or felled overnight.  Most trees were still virtually in full leaf and therefore more vulnerable to wind damage than leafless trees would have been. The … Read More

Commons sold

[Tony Allen, Chair of The Chislehurst Society (left) with John Hayhow, Chair of Chislehurst Commons. Photograph by Adam Swaine.] PRIVATELY OWNED SINCE MEDIAEVAL TIMES, CHISLEHURST COMMONS HAVE THIS MONTH BEEN SOLD INTO CHARITABLE OWNERSHIP IN ORDER TO SAFEGUARD THEIR FUTURE FOR THE BENEFIT AND ENJOYMENT OF THE COMMUNITY. The 180 acres of common land in … Read More

A history of the Cockpit

The cockpit on Chislehurst Common is sometimes described as unique. Webb’s History of Chislehurst, is rather more modest, describing it as “one of the few perfect examples of a cockpit which still exist”. Situated opposite the west gate of St Nicholas church, the cockpit is not the remnant of a bomb crater as commonly believed. … Read More

Lime trees in flower

This is the time of year when the Linden, or Lime trees, are in flower and the scent can be a knock-out. Most of our local limes are of the large-leaved species, TILIA  PLATYPHILOS and some are hybrids between the large-leaved and the small-leaved limes.  Their flowers are virtually indistinguishable: about 1 cm across, with … Read More

New plant species discovered

Conservation of the Commons includes periodically surveying what wildlife we have.  Any plant finds are compared with the species lists in Webb’s History of Chislehurst, which were compiled in the 1880s and 1890s by local naturalists.  Anything which is not listed in Webb is considered to be a new record. This plant can be seen … Read More

Competition winner announced

A winner and four runners up have been chosen for this year’s photography competition, hosted by Chislehurst Commons. Locals were encouraged to submit images that capture the essence of the Commons or show off its beauty. The panel of judges was made up of Don Drage, official photographer for Chislehurst Commons, and the two Keepers, … Read More